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Motorcycle tank repair      Group:
... hawgeye" <> Organization: Comcast Online Newsgroups: Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 14:07:06 GMT Subject: Re: Motorcycle tank
repair "Clemson ... long on your weld and you got a hole in the tank especially with ...


Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation theme chopper raffle one month ...      Group:
... side features painting of Crazy Horse sculpture with inscription: "My lands are
where my dead lie buried" Right-side art on custom Crazy Horse motorcycle
Left-side art on custom Crazy Horse motorcycle Fuel tank's left side ...


Tank Bags etc. (was:Re: Pro Art)      Group:
... rgds,Alan -- 95 Ducati 600SS, 85 Guzzi V65TT, 74 MV Agusta 350 SI # 3.386 "Ride
to Work, Work to Ride" DoD#1930 uk.rm FAQ#113: Where can I find a list of motorcycle
breakers? A: <>


Learning the ART of AUTOBODY airbrushing      Group:
... I wouldn't work in a shop for free for more than a day or two to learn this ... Get yourself
a motorcycle tank or car hood from a junkyard and go to it. ... to airbrush autos,,i
am a artist and wish to learn more so i can airbrush art work on MY ...


My First Motorcycle Tank      Group:
... Just my thoughts Adam Early in the summer, I posted some questions about clear coating
a motorcycle tank I was going to airbrush ... an uncle who works at a body shop, and
he said that the aerosol clear coats that auto stores sell work just as ...


Motorcycle as art      Group:
... motor oil contains combustion byproducts that pass the rings and becomes acidic.)
Rust preventive oil misted into gas tank and cylinders. ... special preparations should
you make if you are going to use a motorcyle as a piece of art and not ...


How's the AB Business in your area?      Group:
... Computers will never replace 'hand painted' work - being 'hand-painted' is what
makes it ... particular purchase, be it canvas, a wall mural, T-shirt, motorcycle tank,
whatever is ... People will always pay for original art and they are willing to ...


The forgotten art of body soldering!      Group: alt.motorcycle.sportbike
wussy boy if the tank is full, and you keep the vapor away from the heat, you could
get one spot to 400f without an incident not that I would recommend trying it we
did a neat project at work, repairs to a saddle tank from a semi (yeah I ...


In defence of Sofa Art      Group: rec.arts.fine
... A pretty interesting lot, actually. Some of these guys didn't perceive much difference
between a flame-job on a motorcycle fuel-tank and Rembrandt's "Night Watch ... But none
of us thought much of the work we were doing, in terms of art. ...


Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance      Group:
... because: 1) The back cover shows a piacture of a man, a boy and what looks like
a bonniville or tiger (Yes, it could be a BSA twin, and yes, cover art means nothing ...
From his description of the manitaince work I envisioned an upright twin. ...


American Hot Rod      Group:
... Scaled down Hawk fins, a tail light like a finned Hawk, scallops in the tank like
on the doors of aa 52 ... did cost 10k alone and its billet everything.A motorcycle has
to be functional or its not a motorcycle anymore.Its art mabey,but ...


Legion of the Damned      Group: rec.arts.comics.dc.lsh
... ignore that a fair number of pretty sharp and longterm Legion fans are having serious
qualms about the art, to the ... The specific jump the shark term refers to a Happy Days
episode where Fonzie jumped his motorcycle over a tank of sharks ...


Words Of Wisdom To Ride By: (WARNING: MOTORCYCLE CONTENT!)      Group:
... Whatever it is, it's better in the wind.*** *Remember to pay as much attention to
your partner as you do your carb.*** -Midnight Bugs taste Best -Sometimes it takes
a whole tank full of ... Maintenance is as much art as it ... A motorcycle can't ...


Will it burn diesel      Group: rec.backcountry
... Pemberthy's elegance was tossing a separate fuel tank and just using a
fuel bottle. ... That's why Persig and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
is so important in the Secret Worlds book of Fletcher.


Gas prices      Group:
... you don't like the prices you can take the bus, get a bike, buy a motorcycle, or
move ... have to fill it up once every three or four weeks since it has a 30 gallon tank.
If I didn't work from home I can easily say the truck would either be on ...


Radar detection of motorcycle speed ...      Group:
... However, it rattled around in the fairing, so this season's it's Velcroed
to the inside of my tank bag. Displays in the same place. ... Cheers, Art Art


Restoring CB750 (long)      Group:
... Although optional, I would pick up a copy of " Zen and the Art of Motorcycle ... book
that focuses on the mental side of riding and maintaining a motorcycle, among other ...
all the hardware inside as well) If the inside of the tank is heavily ...


photograph enhancing      Group:
... viewing it as "straight on" toward the center of where the art is going ... But for surfaces
common to motorcycle tanks, the pre-defined Warps should suffice. ... number & arrangement
of squares corresponding to that which is actually on the tank. ...


"American Chopper" Father-Son Bickering Makes Reality Show      Group: alt.gossip.celebrities
By JEFF WILSON, Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES - Building $200,000 motorcycle
masterpieces is ... arms swinging from broad shoulders poking out of a tank top doesn ...
ridicule in stride, explaining that creating a work of art takes vision ...


Event Directors and How Contests are Judged      Group:
... that example, I don't consider motorcyles art, but then I'm not a motorcycle fan. ...
You'll also realize that their art is far less constrained then yours ... I would equate
your example with a completely hand built gas tank for one of these bikes ...


Motorcycle Riffs (cont.)      Group: alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo
... I'm trying to stay alive for my sweety, not die being some dumbass kid with a
motorcycle. ... I still had two thirds of a tank, even at the speed I'm running this ... Comment
as needed.] -- * Art is the sense of how a thing should be before it is. ...


Slug Bike has relocated.      Group:
... He's really an artist, but he creates motorcycle stuff instead of typical
artistic stuff. ... The tank is gonna have the Slug, with a slime trail that
*might* even glow in the dark, and "What's the Rush?" on it. ...


Mary Magdalene, the Greatest Apostle of Christ      Group: alt.religion.wicca
... Sounds like a witty Guy. Anything like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?
"Shoelaces, I always travel with shoelaces". ... I have two cats...A tank of
fish...two birds...and <sigh> and Iguana named fluffy. Of course. ...


Spyware...      Group:
... and there are some very good engineers who don't appreciate the art as much ... to the
spark, another fuel tank would have been added but the original tank would still ...
would all be in some other position than how every other motorcycle has them ...


Drop Shadow?      Group:
Hi Rick, Nice work for a first tank ... From someone who hasn't painted flames on a tank
like that before (so don't value my opinion too much) I think I would add some lighter
areas on the ... This is my first Motorcycle tank that I've ever painted ...


PUTW: The further adventures of...      Group:
... (Yep. She's braced like a tank, and would probably survive a direct tactical
nuclear strike. ... Puzzling." --Robert M. Pirsig, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle
Maintenance" the above e-mail address remains totally fictional. ...


It's done!!      Group:
... The compressor is great, fairly quiet and I
think I am ... I was figuring out airbrush technique on my own tank. ... (BB) We're not just motorcycle riders, we ...


OT (or is it?): The buisiness end of the "Argument from Evil"      Group: alt.atheism
... However, my curiosity got piqued by a art website I stumbled across a couple
of years ago. ... I'm also considering roughing out a form to bend a new gas tank
for my old motorcycle. I'd like to get that running again. ...


Walky's TF fanart page updated -- hurrah      Group:
... coordinated the theft of the golden disc -- which is what inspired the art. ... Tarantulas
is obviously influenced somewhat by his Transmetal motorcycle form, which makes
a ... with a big arm-cannon stuck somewhere, probably a tank, then Dynobot ...


FS: Honda 750-A (automatic transmission) motorcycle.      Group: alt.motorcycle.sportbike
... was the "toy" of a professional wrestler in the East called Chief Strongbow and has
Indian art and symbols on the tank and saddlebags. The "chief" was not a motorcycle
rider, hence the low mileage, also Chief Strongbow had the bike ...


STORY (new!) "It's A Wonderful Death" (Christmas 1997)      Group: alt.politics.kibo
... Same went for the shark tank and the tank of liquid killer bees, which looked ... blade,
and Spot tried sliding down it but it was dull, like most modern art. He rented
a motorcycle and tried to recreate Evel Knievel's famous jump over the ...


Power Cruisers and Styling      Group:
... More power and better tank range would top the wishlist, but I can live with it
as it is. ... You're right about retro, though - I've expressed the same view myself,
even though it's based on a cruiser. A true art deco motorcycle. ...


REVIEW; THE BLACK RIDER (1954)      Group: alt.cult-movies
Phot: Geoffrey Faithfull; Film Ed: John Trumper; Mus: Wilfred Bunrs; Art Dir: John
Stoll. ... fact it turns out that he has bought a brand new motorcycle and had ... the sound
of work being carried out at a nearby experimental tank testing facility ...


Pepper people : Where are they now?      Group:
... Now aged 60, he has provided the voice for Thomas The Tank Engine series. ... Enjoyed
further success with his band Wings and as a solo artist. ... Suffered a motorcycle
accident in May 1935. Died six days later. 62 A Legionnaire. ...


awful day...      Group:
... paper... he couldnt believe I got a ticket, and he was totally angry
that they put it on the tank... I ... have forgotten. --Robert Pirsig,
"Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" ,.


Uh-oh...major project!! Need some ideas!!      Group: rec.models.scale
... The only non-aviation models I ever built was a starship Enterprise, an M1A1 Abrams
tank (which I was a crewman ... goals, it's always because these dogmas or goals are
in doubt." - Robert M. Pirsig, "Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance ...


Art, Life, Technology      Group:
... And there, look at shape of that gas tank. Such beauty..." The chambered fog began
to rise a little. ... Clearly not to everyone's taste, but still music. In final
consideration of a motorcycle's sound art form, I thought of Schoenberg. ...


ART: Brave words      Group:
... It was the 52 drunk tank again & I didn't even try to remember why ... Canada before
people grow tired of you and you have no currency in the art game any ... Later still,
the head shaved round, a hollow Buddha looming from a black motorcycle jacket ...


Seeking high quality paint lettering      Group:
Greetings... I am in the process of refinishing some motorcycle faring pieces.
I am looking for a professional paint graphics artist to complete some lettering
and do some art work on the tank of the newly finished parts. ...


My annual motorcycle trip is over......; (      Group:
... I even had to buy my own gas once ($40 to fill the tank - there goes the rent budget!)
So, last night, I'm tooling up the road with my wife ... Designers used to put some style,
flair and maybe even a bitof art into their car designs. ...


Dave "Mad Dog" Christensen      Group:
... Game was designed by Gary Gayton and Faris placed "Faris - Gayton" on the motorcycle
(on the gas tank, I believe). ... there will be an article titled
"Bally's Celebrity Pinballs" and Faris (Bally's art director at ...


Helmet art dilemma.      Group: alt.motorcycle.sportbike
Since the art was done with Sharpies, it's a very delicate situation ... thing I can
think of is very carefully using some laminating sheets to protect the work. ... I figure
the Lockhart Phillips clear vinyl lights and tank protector _might_ do it ...


Texas Iron Motorcycle Magazine Press Release!      Group:
... Texas Iron was also the first motorcycle magazine from the United States to go ... for
some great material to read like biker's rights, special features, tank art, upcoming
events ... You can take Texas Iron to work, or show it to your kids, friends ...


Water Based Clears      Group:
Great! How about posting a photo of the finished art? ... hey cool, I'm doing basically
the same but on an air breather for a hot rod (do all my work in my living room
as well). ... I want to paint a motorcycle tank with AutoAir and Deka SignAir. ...


Texas Iron Motorcycle Magazine      Group:
... Texas Iron was also the first motorcycle magazine from the United States to go ... for
some great material to read like biker's rights, special features, tank art, upcoming
events ... You can take Texas Iron to work, or show it to your kids, friends ...


Paint question - beginner      Group:
... I use the "fine art" tube acrylics diluted with water and a little air brush ... here -
the thing doesn't have to look like a custom motorcycle tank - I'm ... something more
interesting than just the straight-line-masked spray-can work most model ...


WAS: George Sellios' layout      Group: rec.models.railroad
... wide padded seat on top the coal pile? Or foot pegs like a motorcycle? Or a hidden
propane tank in the tender? Or a feedwater pump actuated by a 20 ft. ... Master
craftsmanship, yes. Marvelous miniature mechanisms, yes. Art forms, yes. ...


For Sale: VStar      Group:
... I would be leaving myself open by disclosing the whereabouts of this "work of art ...
my door to view, no doubt, one of the finest works of tank art, on a ... be ridden, not
placed on some showroom turntable at the International Motorcycle Supershow ...


... $11.00 Torino Stocker: 1-2/ red w/ "23" art work and other logos on side, black
hood ... 70 SP Gun "rolla matics"series: 6-7/ green: this is a Tank that would appear ...
logo in red on sides and Flower decal on tongue with blue motorcycle: no date ...


Texas iron Motorcycle Magazine Press release!      Group:
... Texas Iron was also the first motorcycle magazine from the United States to go ... for
some great material to read like biker's rights, special features, tank art, upcoming
events ... You can take Texas Iron to work, or show it to your kids, friends ...


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